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Volume! in English!

All the original articles in English, downloadable (or not…)

Here is the list of all 62 Volume! articles available in English, all of them for free download on our websites. All reports and book reviews are freely downloadable – many of them also in English. We haven’t listed them here.

“Inna Jamaican Stylee” – n13-2

“Special Beatles Issue” – n12-2

Varia – issue n11-2

“Nostalgia in Popular Music” issue n11-1

“Arranging the World” issue n10-2

“Listening” issue n10-1

“Countercultures ii” issue n9 : 2

An international, English version of these two issues dedicated to countercultures, with extra articles, was published by Ashgate in June 2014 (Sheila Whiteley & Jedediah Sklower, eds.). All original English papers are now available on our website, including the ones not yet published in Volume!

“Countercultures i” issue n9 : 1

Sex Sells, Blackness too?” issue – n8 : 2

What is it we call ‘Black Music’?” issue – n °8 : 1

Cover Versions in Popular Music” issue – n7 : 1

“Metal Scenes: Social Sciences and Radical Cultural Practices” issue – n5 : 2

“Fanzines and Alternative Musical Press” issue – n5 : 1

“Hip-Hop Sounds” issue – n3 : 2

“Electronics in Popular Music” issue – n3 : 1

“French Popular Music” issue – n2 : 2

Varia – Issue n1 : 2